Granville Island


Visiting Granville Island is a day of fun for every age, with shopping dinning, galleries, and other things to see and do. The island while near the City of Vancouver leaves the visitor feeling like they are far away from any city with the relaxing charm of Granville Island and a short distance from the Days Inn Vancouver.

A day at Granville Island to wander through the shops, some of the items that will be found are hand crafted and not to be found elsewhere, like handmade soaps and jewelry or the local farmers produce and local artwork. Going in the many shops on Granville Island is thrilling for the person who likes to shop and for the one that is not much of a shopper because of the items that will be found.

On Granville Island shopping is not only for the adults, there is also a Kids Mart, this is where everything in the mart is something that will interest the children of the family. There are items that will thrill and delight them while shopping in their own special store at Granville Island.

There are all types of fun at Granville Island with a waterpark where kayaking, canoeing and other water sports can be a part of the fun of a day at the island and boat rides that can be a family affair or something special for the couple.

One of the interesting and fun things to do at Granville Island is a visit to the Granville Island Brewery, this is where ales and lager are made and can be found in many local Vancouver restaurants. The brewery makes seasonal ales and lagers and some of their year round brews that are popular like the Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale found in many local restaurants. The tour of the brewery will enlighten the visitor how brewing is done and there is also a visit to the taproom for a tasting of the brews.

There are also places to dine for a quick meal for the family that is in a hurry to do the next exciting thing while at Granville Island or there are restaurants that have a menu that is a feast for the eyes and the palate.

Visiting Granville Island is just a short distance away from the Days Inn Vancouver where returning from a day exploring the island leaves everyone relaxed, content and ready for some real comfort in their luxury accommodations.