Hell’s Gate Airtram


One of the exciting things that visitors to Vancouver can do is visit Hell’s Gate Airtram, this is located in Fraser Canyon with a long history stemming from the Gold Rush and exquisite scenery. This is where an air tram can be taken through the 35 meter wide gorge of Fraser Canyon and above the fast running Fraser River, where the view is exciting from high above.

This is where so much history occurred in the Vancouver area, with the Fraser Canyon battle during the Gold Rush of 1858, the building of the 1912 Canadian National Railway that caused a slide and destroyed the salmon migration, which was corrected in 1944 with the building of the International Fishways. The passenger on the air tram is at times during the ride 500 feet above highway level to river level.

There are other places to visit while at Fraser Canyon, there is a restaurant where a full meal can be eaten or a light snack at Simon’s Café. One of the real attractions is the Fudge Factory where more than one hundred different flavors of fudge are made.

There is the Fisheries Exhibit, this is where the life cycle of the salmon can be seen and the fishways are explained. Since this was a Gold Rush area it is also possible to pan for gold where the men of the Gold Rush of the 1860’s looked for their gold nuggets at Hills Bar in Fraser Canyon. Visitor can also take a ghost tour where ghosts have been found through paranormal investigations, of the ones that are known, there is the Edward, the smoking man. For more of the views in Fraser Canyon there is the suspension bridge and observation decks, which have spectacular views. There is also the gift shop to take home a memento or a gift.

This is a day of excitement the whole family can enjoy with all the activities and the air tram, panning for gold and ghost hunting. The scenic views will captivate the visitor and this is one of the memorable trips. This is where the entire family had an exciting day while staying at the Days Inn Downtown Vancouver.