Holy Rosary Church


The visitor staying at the Days Inn Vancouver who enjoys architecture and wants a relaxing day looking into the past the place to visit is the Holy Rosary Cathedral, this church has a corner stone that is dated 1889. The architecture is unique being built in the form of a cross, the building began in 1885 and took until 1889 to complete.

The measurements of this unique building are 104 feet across at the transepts and 62 feet across at the nave and aisles. Another unique thing about this church is it was built62 feet from floor to ceiling and it has the ability to hold the steeple which measures 217 feet to the top of the larger steeple.

The church took 490 days from the day the construction began until the day it was finished, dating the cornerstone of 1889. the architecture is in a Gothic style and it was built from sandstone which was brought from Gaborila Island. The foundation of the Holy Rosary Cathedral was constructed using local Vancouver granite.

There are many unique things about the Holy Rosary Cathedral, one of these is the Grandshire Triples, and this was first rung on the church bells in 1911 in honor of Dominion Day or as it is known today Canada Day. This took a total of two hours and fifty-nine minutes for the entire thing to be played out on the church bells; this was the first church to ring this tune and continues the tradition today on its eight
church bells.

Another unique thing about the Holy Rosary Cathedral is this church still continues holding services, making it one of the most unique and historic places for the Days Inn Vancouver guests to attend services. This is where history has left its mark and will leave the visitor in awe during a visit or attending a service at the church.

The Holy Rosary Church is conveniently located a short distance from the Days Inn Vancouver making it a perfect place to visit for the architecture and for the church services they hold.