U.S. Consulate

Before you visit the US consulate in Vancouver Canada, CALL AHEAD! Many services are by appointment only and are offered at irregular hours. Phone 604-685-4311

The U.S. Consulate is located at 1095 West Pender Street and is only a 2 minute walk from
our front door!

To walk there, simply turn right at the lobby of the Days Inn Vancouver Downtown at 921 West Pender Street and walk 1 block west on Pender Street to US Consulate located at 1095 West Pender Street.

Please note that backpacks, bags, luggage, large purses etc. are prohibited inside the U.S. Consulate. We will store your luggage, free of charge, while you are there. Late parking is also available for a small fee. Cost for U.S. application is $100.00 US Funds. An additional charge of $50.00 US Funds is payable upon approval of Visa. Exact change is necessary.

United States US Consulate and Embassy

Security Notice to All Consular Visitors

All visitors must be screened prior to entering the U.S. Embassy / US Consulate and are subject to inspection via walk-through metal detector and a hand-held metal detector. All personal items will undergo full inspection by use of x-ray and other detection equipment.

Any visitor refusing to submit to security screening shall be prohibited from entering the U.S. Consulate.

NOTE: The following items are prohibited inside the United States Consulate

  • Food & Beverages
  • Backpacks, bags, luggage, large purses, etc.
  • Weapons or tools of any kind
  • Electronic or recording equipment of any kind to include laptops, cell phones, tape/CD/MP3 players, pagers, keyless remotes, etc.
  • No sealed envelopes (all transcripts must be open)
  • Oversized Strollers