Vancouver Aquarium


The Vancouver Aquarium is fun and exciting for all ages and while in Vancouver on vacation or for business it is a site that should not be missed. This is an aquarium that has approximately 8,000 mammals and fish, such as sea lions and seals, dolphins and sharks. There are so amazing to watch that every member of the family will be excited waiting to see what they will do and to make the aquarium more exciting there are shows throughout the day for visitors. These shows include the Beluga Whales, sea otters, sea turtles, sea lions and other inhabitants of the ocean.

There are other activities at the Vancouver aquarium, for the young visitor there are sleepovers and birthday parties can be arranged. There are also kids camps where marine biology is a part of what they will learn. The older visitors can take tours with trainers and watch them work with the mammals. Making this an exciting day for everyone in the family.

This is one outing that will educate visitors about marine life in a way that is so interesting and fun that one trip might not be enough to see all the marine life that live at the aquarium. Some of the events that will take place while visitors are at the Vancouver Aquarium is the Sea Otter Feed. This is where visitors can see the Sea Otters being fed and learn about the part they play in marine life. A show involving Reef Sharks, where they are fed while visitors learn about them and their habits in the ocean.

Visiting the Vancouver Aquarium is a perfect way to spend a day of vacation or a day away from business while staying at the Days Inn Vancouver. So much to see and so much to learn and it is something that the entire family will enjoy.