Wild Whales Tours

Whale Watching Tours Vancouver

During the tour the marine life that is seen will be identified, along with information about them and their habits, which is a learning experience for the passengers. Children on the tour will be delighted with all they will see along with the boat ride, it will be something they will remember for a long time to come.When on business or vacation in Vancouver one of the most interesting things to do is the Wild Whales Tour, this is a tour in search of sea life including the Orca Whales. The ocean waters have so many sites that change from minute to minute that this can never be a boring thing to do while visiting Vancouver, staying in the Days Inn Vancouver hotel and it is perfect for anyone of any age.
The tour will take the passengers out to the Gulf of Georgia in a craft that is manned by a professional captain, where it is possible to see many of the mammals, fish and birds doing what they do daily in the water. During these tours it is not unusual o see sea lions, sea otters, and fish, or the Orca Whale. There are also the views that are spectacular, the open water, there are mountains looming in the background and whatever marine life decides to show up for the Wild Whale tour. These are special tours where even the most expensive video camera could not do justice to the beauty.

Each Wild Whale tour will have different ocean inhabitants show up to put on a show for the tour passengers, like the cute sea lions and sea otters that put on a show naturally without any training.

This is a great way to spend the day away from business or with the family to watch for the Orca Whale and the other marine life that are found in the waters of the Gulf of Georgia. Seeing this in these waters is much more exciting than watching it on television or even in a marine show with a trainer, because in their own natural habitat there are no rules.

The Wild Whales tour is one of the many things that can be done while staying as a guest at the Days Inn Vancouver Hotel and it is one that will be remembered for the excitement of the ocean dwellers that appeared and the splendor of the views.