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posted by: Days Inn Vancouver Downtown on: March 25, 2019
posted by Simona K.

The cruise ship season is upon Vancouver and many of our guests will be boarding a cruise ship on an exciting cruise to Alaska soon. For that reason, we did our research and compiled a list of The Top 20  items that the passengers should bring them on their cruise. Check out Alaska Cruises website for a more detailed and printable packing list as well as some other great packing tips for cruisers!



Alaska cruises are full of excitement and you will need to pack a variety of clothes and miscellaneous items. Read through the list we put together and make sure that you are prepared and ready to go on your Alaskan adventure.



  1. Clothing you can layer (f.e. long underwear, a fleece, a waterproof shell)

  2. Summer Clothes

  3. Swimsuit

  4. Light Winter Clothes (a scarf, a hat, gloves)

  5. Formal Dress

  6. Binoculars

  7. Rain Gear

  8. Hiking Boots

  9. Insect/ Mosquito Repellent

  10. Sunglasses & Sunscreen

  1. Photo Gear & Extras (f.e. batteries, lenses, chargers, memory cards)

  2. Watch or Alarm Clock

  3. Motion Sickness Medicine

  4. Collapsible Backpack/ Gym Sack

  5. Reusable Water Bottle

  6. First Aid Kit: keep band-aids handy for a minor emergencies

  7. Fishing license: You can order this ahead of time online, but it's easy to obtain from your air taxi, fishing guide, or most local groceries.

  8. Zipper-top or Reusable Packing Cubes: keep clothing folded and toiletries isolated in case of leaks and extra bags are also useful for storing dirty clothing.

  9. Passport

  10. Contact information for sending postcards.


Is there anything else we missed? Share your thoughts with us! Comment below, let us know on our Facebook page or post your pictures on Instagram and use the tag #mydaysinnvan.