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posted by: Days Inn Vancouver Downtown on: December 18, 2019

posted by Simona  K.

I entered Kind Cafe a few minutes past four, and the first thing I noticed was the minimalist interior decor.  The combination of green plants, wooden tables, and white walls created a modern-looking and inviting cozy space. The cafe seemed busy, filled with sounds of chatter and a few people standing in line. It appeared that Kind Cafe, a newcomer to Vancouver’s zero waste scene, has already gained many people's hearts. While I was waiting for my turn at the counter, a thought, if I would be the next loyal customer, crossed my mind. Soon enough, the server informed me that it was a happy hour, so I was off to a good start! I ordered the famous Carrot Lox Bagel, accompanied by a homemade apple cider from the happy hour menu. 


With an order number in my hand, I glanced around the cafe looking for disposables, such as paper napkins or straws, but as expected, I did not see any. In the spirit of being zero waste, Kind Cafe introduced mindful practices to its customers, such as Bring-Your-Own-Cup policy, mug share option, sourcing second-hand dishware, and using old cloths neatly stocked on the trays instead of disposable napkins. Items available for purchase, such as Kind Cafe travel mugs or reusable containers, were displayed, too. 


Still holding onto my order number, I chose a seat upstairs overlooking the cafe when "It's cool to be kind" sign on the wall caught my attention. The sign endorsed the idea behind Kind Cafe, which was to open a zero-waste, plant-based cafe and introduce a kinder cafe experience within the Vancouver community. The kindness theme of the cafe is to be shown in kindness to our bodies, the planet, and the community by offering plant-based nutrition, eco-friendly resources, and supporting local suppliers. Curious to experience it for myself, I visited Kind Cafe and decided to try out some of the recommended eats on the menu, including Carrot Lox Bagel that I ordered. 

When my Carott Lox Bagel finally arrived, I impatiently took my first bite and I loved it. I couldn't believe how tasty it was! It didn't take me long to finish my bagel while slowly sipping my happy hour bubbly cider. My Kind Cafe experience was delightful, and I knew I wanted to come back and try other delicious eats, like the Green Goddess Bowl or Buffalo Cauli. So who wants to join me for my next visit?

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